Miss Nixon

As a young girl, Miss Nixon got to learn how to play the violin. Unfortunately the instrument didn’t produce the sounds she heard on the radio. The ingredients for the music that sounded so different and interesting were drum computers and synthesizers.

Years after that she became part of the musical collective Atari Kids, armed with a sampler. Now that was more like it! In the following years she would bring music in a much broader spectrum together with Chris Kokos, as DJ duo KOSNIX.

Years later in 2015 she scaled the stage again as the duo Shakkatam with Jacqueline Fuijkschot, bringing minimal synth pop with compelling vocals.

This led Miss Nixon to build her own modular synthesizer. With a soldering iron in hand she created a machine that forms the backbone of het current project.

For her solo-noodle project she brings forth a much darker, yet still dance-able sound. Get your feet on the dancing floor and your eyes pointing down, you might just find a nickel…

Miss Nixon played live at events like Dutch Modular Fest, Modulation., Grondwater Festival, The Overkill Festival, Gogbot Festival, Konvooi Kunstenfestival and Onze Ambassade Festival.


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