Chris Rotsteeg aka KOS010 – started his musical journey early when he got introduced to the world of space opera, synthesizers and Nat King Cole by his father. He taped radio shows on reel to reels and cassettes. This behavior was soon copied by him.

In these early years on planet earth, Chris was a big sucker for cringeworthy pop music – he still has a big passion for Taylor Dayne – until he heard Lil Louis’ French Kiss on the radio. This was beyond his imagination and he got infected with the house virus. It was around this time that his love for hiphop was triggered as well, and soon he was exchanging freshly recorded & copied tapes on the playground.

He bought his first turntables, from the money he earned as a paperboy in the early nineties. While others were interested in gabber  (we talk about rotterdam in the nineties, right), chris picked up other stuff in the record stores – such as techno, rave, hiphop, electro and metal records.

Around the same time he got introduced to Impulse Tracker and started producing beats.

The story goes, that these tracks are still somewhere on the 286dx in his garage, but he doesn’t know how to transfer these.

Fast forward a decade or so: after partying his tits off for some years, Chris got back to planet Earth and continued with collecting records early 2000’s. It was around this time he started dj-ing under his graffiti alter ego KOS010 at various underground locations in the Netherlands.
He teamed up with his buddy Miss Nixon in 2013 and created KOSNIX. This organization transmits a variety of electronic music through mixes, podcasts and occasional events

In 2015 he picked up producing again and started the Extravaganza Flight Mix series, a project that is still going on and in which he explores a wide variety of styles. In 2018 Radio Kokos was created, a non frequent show in which Chris explores his record collection. When Chris is not doing something music related, he finds out the boundaries of quantum physics in order to protect the galaxy.


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