The End of the BARKODE

BARKODE was founded in 1996 by a group of autonomous artists, designers and thinkers. In the years since, BARKODE has grown into an agency that has realized international projects under the leadership of Martin de Korte in the field of art and culture, club events and business to business. Highlights for BARKODE were: Boijmans van Beuningen, Mix festival in New York, an initiative of the Guggenheim film department, the Bridges to Fashion festival.

BARKODE also played at festivals such as Pukkelpop and Dance Valley and BARKODE was a resident of the club Now & Wow for many years. Martin de Korte was then programmer of the club Off_Corso. Furthermore, Martin did international exhibitions with BARKODE in Barcelona, ​​Porto, New York, Riga, San Sebastian, Bilbao, Montpellier. BARKODE has developed concepts and design strategies for various commercial companies, such as Phillips, FHM and Dow Chemicals. In 2009 Martin founded “Club Zonder Concessies”; a platform for experimental, innovative often young organizers, musicians, DJs and artists.

In 2011 Martin de Korte went solo and focused more on being an artist and programming experimental art and culture programs. For example, he did a program and performance on quantum theory on behalf of the University of Utrecht. Since 2012, Martin de Korte has focused on experimental music and sound art: such as the performance about the British writer Aldous Huxley.

Martin de Korte is currently working on the Apollo and Dionysus Komplex, a sound performance about the disruption of an artist’s brain and a return to club music with the project Love Sessions, a new live set within the themes of tantra, love and sex. This last BARKODE performance is in collaboration with the new partner of Martin de Korte: The Ninja Babe aka Miss Nixon (Tamara van Suylekom)

As a guest of Route du Nord, Martin closes the era with a retrospective exhibition with “The End of the BARKODE”!


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